Advanced Database Management Systems


Advanced Database Management Systems

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Programme Overview

You will learn important database concepts, including query optimisation, distributed databases, big data/knowledge management, data modelling, database design, and data extraction. Topics covered will allow you to gain data analysis skills needed to transform raw data into useful business information and knowledge for decision-making and problem-solving. You will gain hands-on project experience using SQL, learn tuning and performance techniques, and evaluate different types of software technologies that can be used such as Oracle. As a result, you will understand database architectures, query optimisation, and how to document data models. Your knowledge gained in this course will allow you to develop solutions based on database systems, techniques, and requirements by understanding various use cases in business. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe database concepts and their key purpose when designing a database management system in a business environment.
  2. Explain types of databases (i.e.: centralised, distributed, relational, etc) and database technologies used such as MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, Oracle Databases to understand their functionality and usage.
  3. Examine how data must be analysed and structured in a database to allow for it to be useful to make decisions and solve problems.
  4. Implement a solution based on a business scenario that includes architectural approaches with data modelling, data analysis, data processing, and overall performance expectations to meet requirements.
  5. Report on how database solutions are implemented in different business industries such as retail, banking, semiconductor, e-Commerce, and various websites by discussing differences needed to be efficient in usage to make design decisions.

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