Applied Data Analytics for Decision Making


Applied Data Analytics for Decision Making

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Programme Overview

This module will challenge students by introducing them to making business decisions using data analysis. Data analysis is the use of statistics combined with analytical methods to give insights into a business. After starting with a refresher on basic statistics, students will learn how to create statistical experiments to create a process for decision-making. These experiments will use methods such as regression and optimisation to determine the optimal business decisions. The analysis of these experiment outcomes will give you a deeper insight into your business units. This will result in an increase in your ability to add value to your organisation. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of basic statistical concepts to make decisions 
  2. Demonstrate the ability to gather and analyse data to make strategic decisions for an organisation 
  3. Design a statistical experiment for decision making 
  4. Create regression analysis and interpret the results for decision making 
  5. Create optimisation analysis to efficiently allocate resources in an organisation 
  6. Utilise technology to efficiently create decision-making outputs 

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