Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence

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Programme Overview

You will learn the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, usability, and how it is impacting everyday lives and businesses. Topics covered will include overviews of the concepts of AI usage such as speech recognition, face recognition, autonomous driving, automatic scheduling, machine learning, deep learning, and other areas. In addition, you will learn how mathematical tools are used to create applications and how you can use tools to solve AI problems in the real world. Finally, you will examine various AI ethical questions and concepts which impact people and businesses.  

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain how algorithms and techniques are used in artificial intelligence by evaluating different application areas such as medicine, education, robotics, and information management.
  2. Describe the technologies in AI such as machine learning, deep learning, neural network, and computer vision and how they can be used in areas such as speech recognition and machine learning. 
  3. Evaluate different tools used in AI to understand the differences and how to use them to develop effective systems and components.
  4. Implement a solution using AI algorithms and tools that solve a problem.
  5. Examine potential ethical issues that may arise with the use of Artificial intelligence systems and applications in both business and personal environments.

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