Building and Marketing a Brand


Building and Marketing a Brand

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Course Overview

In a hypercompetitive marketplace where thousands of products and services compete for customers’ attention each day, understanding and leveraging brand power can help businesses stand out from the crowd. Developing a compelling brand, building and cultivating its value over time and evolving to meet changing consumer needs are essential to brand stewardship. This course introduces students to the tools, techniques and strategies to establish, manage, grow and evaluate a brand. Students will learn to articulate its promise, communicate and test it, differentiate from the competition, grow its market share and measure its equity. They will also understand concepts of customer loyalty, engagement and advocacy. After completion of this course, students will be able to articulate and develop brand strategy and launch it in the market.

Cambridge Faculty: Jaideep Prabhu, Ph.D. and Ritchie Mehta, M.Phil.

Dr. Jaideep Prabhu is the Director of the Centre for India & Global Business and a Fellow of Clare College. His research focuses on international business, marketing, strategy, and innovation. Jaideep Prabhu has published in leading academic journals and his work has been profiled by the BBC, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The Economist, The Financial Times, Le Monde, The New York Times, and The Times. 


Ritchie Mehta is the Managing Director of Marketing Lounge Partnership CRM and Loyalty. He has deep experience in increasing customer value and retention and developing new loyalty strategies in the financial sector. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Build brands externally (brand planning and positioning) and internally (align culture and brand) to multiple stakeholders 
  • Grasp the key issues concerning the brand that organisations face at the early stages, and the role of various media in dealing with these issues across various sectors and contexts. 
  • Be aware of the tools and language needed for dealing with branding issues at both the product and corporate levels across sectors and over time. 
  • Determine the various ways to collaborate and compete with competitors to drive brands forward over time 
  • Develop, implement and evaluate branding and marketing plans over time 
  • Develop a critical understanding of the key tools to help brands be agile and adapt to changing market environments 

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