Business Strategy


Business Strategy

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Programme Overview

Business strategy consists of theories, concepts, and methods that top and middle-level managers can use to ensure the profitable and long-term growth of their organisations. Strategy helps general managers (as opposed to functional managers whose responsibilities focus on one function such as finance, production, marketing, human resources, IT, etc.), make better decisions that will improve the competitive position of their organisation in the long run and create value for its key stakeholders. This module provides managers and leaders a perspective on organisations, both within and outside of the for-profit business world. Strategic analysis and managerial thinking applies to organisations regardless of their activities, for or not-for-profit orientation, governance structure, geographic locations, size, etc. This course introduces students to the main theories, concepts, and models of strategic analysis and their role in management practice.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explore the nature of management, strategy and its corporate, competitive, and institutional contexts.
  2. Examine the strengths and limitations of strategic analysis and describe how it fits into the overall strategy process.
  3. Analyse the frameworks, methods, and practices of strategic analysis and develop a clear appreciation of their foundations, usefulness, the scope of applicability, qualifications, and limitations.
  4. Describe the importance of diversity and inclusion in a global framework.
  5. Articulate how business professionals apply ethics in their work.

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