Computer and Digital Forensics


Computer and Digital Forensics

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Programme Overview

You will learn about the legal impact of computer activity such as computer crime, intellectual property, privacy issues, risks, and vulnerabilities. Topics explored will be in key areas such as malware analysis, network forensics, operating systems, and mobile device forensics. You will gain knowledge of various topologies, protocols, and tools that are used in performing a forensic analysis. In addition, you will learn how criminal justice, government, private agencies, and law enforcement use computer forensics evidence to track, locate and extract digital information needed for legal investigations. Additional topics covered include researching computer forensic analyst skills through course exercises to understand what tasks and skills are required.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the legal impact of certain types of computer activity by analysing activities that may occur in a particular situation. 
  2. Define the key areas of computer and digital forensics analysis, their processes, and how they are used in various scenarios. 
  3. Explain how risk mitigation tactics are used for keeping information systems and networks safe such as in businesses, healthcare institutions, government agencies, and in personal environments. 
  4. Discuss various topologies and tools used to provide reliable computer and digital analysis evidence collection. 
  5. Explain the computer forensics skills needed to perform certain analysis tasks and why.

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