Computer Architecture


Computer Architecture

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Programme Overview

You will learn how to evaluate a new solution by determining the appropriate computer architectural design to implement for a software program. The core topics focus on understanding critical hardware and software functionality needed to ensure a solution can be designed that will meet the requirements for usability, performance, and support expectations of the program. In addition, you will learn strategies for making architectural decisions critical for successful implementations.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe various computer architecture configurations and how it is used to increase data processing, functionality of a software program or application and support a business.
  2. Analyse various types of server classifications (application servers, web servers, databases servers) for both on-premise and cloud-based solutions with infrastructure options, including virtual and physical layouts, storage options, and network connectivity. 
  3. Review various techniques used to determine architecture design approaches and strategies that are key to making informed decisions.
  4. Describe architecture implementations by reviewing core concepts used to design the solution, hardware and software component selected, and reasons for its success or failure. (Note: This will allow the student to be able to gauge if a solution was implemented properly)
  5. Review critical criteria, requirements, and approaches used to ensure a design is meeting performance and supportability expectations to deliver desired results.

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