Computer Network Security


Computer Network Security

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Programme Overview

You will study key security concepts, security issues and procedures in computer and mobile networks. Topics covered will include learning about the various types of security such as the security of LANs, WANs, databases, and network operating systems. You will analyse threats to computer networks by exploring designs of network infrastructure, potential security flaws, risk assessment and mitigation, and security concepts that impact various communication networks. You will develop knowledge to determine what network security capabilities are needed in architecture and how to apply them based on different situations. As a result, you will get a comprehensive understanding of when to use network intrusion detection and forensics technologies, cryptographic and authentication systems, access control mechanisms, internet routing and other protocols.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Review network security concepts and policies used in computer and mobile networks to understand the key differences.
  2. Review various security protocols that are used for areas such as authentication and authorisation to understand when they are used.
  3. Utilise troubleshooting skills to solve security problems that occur in different scenarios when communicating over a network.
  4. Review network threats that can occur and what preventive methods and tools can be used to mitigate the risk.

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