Data Visualisation


Data Visualisation

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Programme Overview

You will receive an introduction to data visualisation to understand how data is analysed and viewed by creating interactive dashboards in a graphical representation such as infographics. You will use best practices to design and map data interactions that allow various stakeholder audiences to intuitively explore the dataset and the impacts on a business area. As a result, you will understand the architecture needed to support various visualisation tools, methodologies, and techniques to identify trends in data by analysing various situations.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe data visualisation goals to take raw data and present it effectively to various audiences that can be interpreted. 
  2. Define how to effectively look at different cultures and personal identities to understand how to gather the right data sets to communicate for ethical, security, and social responsibilities.
  3. Apply data visualisation concepts based on an audience for the best method to communicate such as a table, infographic, or other interactive examples.
  4. Create a data visualisation solution based upon project specifications and requirements for scenarios.
  5. Report on best practices to develop data visualisation approaches.

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