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Programme Overview

This module is designed to introduce students to the entrepreneurial process. The course highlights the entrepreneurial perspective and mindset required to take an initial entry-level idea through the creativity, operating strategies, and funding needed to turn opportunity into reality while focusing on core business practices. Since an entrepreneur is someone who takes on a venture to create something new that solves a problem, this course helps students recognise opportunities and then act on those possibilities. The process involves establishing an entrepreneurial vision. 

Choosing the path of entrepreneurship requires a willingness to take on calculated risks. Many factors drive the growth of entrepreneurship, including employment instability, motivation to create something new, financial factors and free time associated with retirement, and the greater acceptance of entrepreneurship as a career choice. The entrepreneurial mindset discussed in this course helps the entrepreneur view the world as full of possibilities, which then helps entrepreneurs overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Examine the perspectives and mindset of an entrepreneur. (Blooms Level 4) 
  2. Formulate innovative and creative entrepreneurial ideas to generate opportunities (Blooms Level 5) 
  3. Evaluate the feasibility and creativity of business ideas (Blooms Level 6) 
  4. Appraise factors influencing business success and failure rates. (Blooms Level 6) 
  5. Recommend entrepreneurial business strategies (Blooms Level 6) 

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