Financial Statement Analysis


Financial Statement Analysis

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Programme Overview

Financial Statement Analysis teaches students how to read, analyse, and interpret financial information provided by companies in the form of statements prepared using generally accepted accounting principles using both quantitative and qualitative techniques and to apply that information as part of strategic decision-making to increase firm value, enhance operational efficiencies, mitigate risk, and grow the business in an ethical and sustainable manner. Financial Statement Analysis is designed to be particularly useful for finance-oriented students looking at consulting, corporate finance, entrepreneurship, general management, and investment and marketing careers.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe financial accounting information and the reporting entities.
  2. Identify the conceptual underpinnings of financial reporting and the mechanics of how financial statements are prepared.
  3. Identify the four basic financial statements and how they are interrelated.
  4. Apply quantitative and qualitative techniques to financial accounting information to analyse a firm's leverage, solvency, asset quality, and operating performance.
  5. Compare and contrast generally accepted accounting principles and international financial reporting standards and identify when and why they are required and applied.

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