Global Financial Regulation


Global Financial Regulation

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Course Overview

In an increasingly integrated world of financial markets, understanding the fundamentals of international regulations and standards is imperative to maintaining the integrity of the entire financial system. This course introduces students to the complexities of global financial governance— theory of regulation, its structure, mechanisms, pros and cons and broad-ranging risks. Students will learn the history and the role of international financial regulation and how the most recent watershed financial crisis of 2007-2008 has shaped the current global economic environment. They will examine successes and failures of financial governance, including the effects of the latest changes to the structure of financial markets as a means of preventing future crises. 

After completion of this course, students will be able to discuss international financial regulation and its effects on financial markets.

Cambridge Professor Emeritus and Faculty Fellow: Lord John Eatwell, Ph.D

Lord John Eatwell led Queens’ College at the University of Cambridge as its President for almost twenty years and is an internationally recognised scholar and a leading economist with expertise in financial regulation. Lord Eatwell has held several positions within the university, including Professor of Financial Policy at the Judge Business School and University Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, and is a member of various important national bodies. 

Learning Outcomes

  • The advantages and disadvantages of financial liberalisation
  • The extent to which derivative instruments aid in managing risk
  • Policy reaction to threats of financial instability
  • Reactions to international financial liberalisation
  • The theory of regulation
  • Regulation of international financial markets and associated risks
  • Regulating banks and the role of the regulator

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