Global Hospitality Experience


Global Hospitality Experience

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Programme Overview

This module aims to equip hospitality provision employees with the attitudes, skills, and behaviours needed to manage the complex and challenging relationship between temporary visitors to a destination and those who are responsible for caring for them. Temporary visitors are defined as individuals who spend 24 hours or more in a location outside of their normal residence; and care of those visitors is provided by organisations that provide accommodation, food and beverage, and activity products and services. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate the contribution made by the global hospitality industry to the overall visitor experience. 
  2. Compare and contrast the characteristics of principal hospitality service users. 
  3. Evaluate the impact of community, corporate, and individual action on the quality of the hospitality experience. 
  4. Design the supply side of the hospitality experience. 
  5. Deliver the supply side of the hospitality experience. 

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