Global Hospitality Operations Management


Global Hospitality Operations Management

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Programme Overview

This module equips current and future leaders in the global world of hospitality management with insight into the multi-faceted domains that make up the industry. This new knowledge will allow for the formation of more precise planning in plotting their own future career path and business planning, possibly within in their existing domain, or probably with a newly formed international perspective and knowledge of how other sectors of the industry operate. It will cover core fundamentals of the industry make-up, providing an insight into both corporate philosophies and practices, as well as how they may be transformed into operational implications. The module concludes with a brief discussion on how these philosophies and practices may influence future career development.

Learning Outcomes

  1. The fundamental structure of major hospitality firms’ products and services. How they are continually searching for market superiority through continued growth and diversified offerings. 
  2. Accommodation services management. Identification of the key drivers of performance in respect of meeting the needs of customers and owners of hospitality firms. 
  3. Food and Beverage Management - An assessment of current global trends in food and beverage management, both within hotel-based operations as well as standalone operations. 
  4. Innovation in hospitality firms - How do hospitality firms use innovation and technology to continually search to gain market superiority and competitive advantage? 
  5. Customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty. An assessment of the current relevance of these two concepts, and how they are related – or have advances in marketing simply led to a marketing communications modus operandi.

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