Marketing Management


Marketing Management

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Programme Overview

This module explores the design and implementation of the best combination of marketing efforts to carry out an organisation’s strategy in its target markets. You will develop an understanding of how an organisation can benefit by creating and delivering value to its customers, and stakeholders, and the skills in applying the analytical concepts and tools of marketing to such decisions as segmentation and targeting, branding, pricing, distribution, and promotion.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe marketing’s role in collaboration with an organisation while driving brand and product strategy.
  2. Communicate customer value to differentiate from competitors and assess the marketing environment.
  3. Determine the best marketing channels and pricing strategies to attract customers in the global marketplace.
  4. Evaluate current and future marketing information technology to maximise effectiveness in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 
  5. Relate marketing efforts with branding, advertising and sales to ensure a seamless customer experience.

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