MBA Specialism in Cyber Security


MBA Specialism in Cyber Security

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About the programme

Explore cyber security from the business lens through a series of three modules in Information Security Management, Cyber Security Strategy and Planning and Risk Management and Compliance. You will study the fundamentals of computer security and how to plan for, assess and monitor risk. You’ll also study the regulatory and compliance implications related to cyber security measures. Finally, you will delve into how to implement strategies within your organisation that will mitigate the risk of cyber security threats and develop a plan for assessing and containing risks when they occur.

Programme Modules

Cyber Security Strategy and Planning

Programme Overview

Gain a foundation for assessing risk frameworks associated with inter-organisational and external breaches of security, setting up an IT security organisation, system development considerations, and technical issues. Topics include strategy, business continuity, legal issues, risk management, disaster preparedness/recovery, training and awareness, policies and procedures, physical security, public key infrastructure and encryption, industrial espionage, privacy, and software licensure compliance. 

Information Security Management

Programme Overview

You will examine the fundamental principles of computer security as applied to information technology (IT). You will learn the foundations, psychology, prevention, detection, human factors, technical considerations, management processes, and future considerations for the security of information technology. This course also addresses contemporary security issues, including security management processes, architectures and models, risk analysis and management, security planning, analysis and safeguards and security policies development and administration. Other topics may include a contingency. 

Risk Management and Compliance

Programme Overview

You will examine two critical concerns for businesses that are subject to federal and state regulations, risk management, and compliance. You will learn about risk management in corporations, and their sophisticated strategic decision-making, operational policies and procedures, and extensive business practices. These are subject to the compliance and regulations of both the local and federal government entities. Finally, you will examine the processes and outcomes for proper risk management and compliance, including governance and accountability.

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