MBA Specialism in Hospitality Management


MBA Specialism in Hospitality Management

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About the programme

The MBA Specialisation in hospitality management will help you to identify and analyse trends in the continually changing hospitality industry so that you can effectively evaluate the impacts of external factors on the hospitality experience. Through a series of three modules, you will learn all the tasks and aspects associated with managing a hospitality business including how to equip employees with the attitudes, skills, and behaviours needed to provide visitors with accommodation, food and beverage, and activity products and services in order to ensure an enjoyable hospitality experience; how to accurately forecast demand and increase revenue; and how to plan your own career path within the industry. 

Whether you are seeking to manage an independent hotel or a global casino company, the Mini-MBA in hospitality management will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to effectively manage any hospitality-related business venture and maximise yield.

Programme Modules

Global Hospitality Experience

Programme Overview

This module aims to equip hospitality provision employees with the attitudes, skills, and behaviours needed to manage the complex and challenging relationship between temporary visitors to a destination and those who are responsible for caring for them. Temporary visitors are defined as individuals who spend 24 hours or more in a location outside of their normal residence; and care of those visitors is provided by organisations that provide accommodation, food and beverage, and activity products and services. 

Global Hospitality Operations Management

Programme Overview

This module equips current and future leaders in the global world of hospitality management with insight into the multi-faceted domains that make up the industry. This new knowledge will allow for the formation of more precise planning in plotting their own future career path and business planning, possibly within in their existing domain, or probably with a newly formed international perspective and knowledge of how other sectors of the industry operate. It will cover core fundamentals of the industry make-up, providing an insight into both corporate philosophies and practices, as well as how they may be transformed into operational implications. The module concludes with a brief discussion on how these philosophies and practices may influence future career development.

Yield Management for Hospitality

Programme Overview

This module aims to equip hospitality managers with the skills and knowledge to understand and apply the principles of managing yield from resources and space in the hospitality sector including accommodation, food and beverage and meeting and events. Students will gain a detailed understanding of the Yield and Revenue Management function within a hospitality organisation using tools and techniques to improve and evaluate the overall profitability of the operation. The module will focus on understanding the drivers for improving both the top line and the bottom line with tools and techniques specific to the hospitality sector.

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