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About the programme

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Programme Modules

Global Marketing

Programme Overview

This module examines specific issues involved in developing and executing marketing strategies on a global scale as opposed to a domestic scale. The course is intended to provide a thorough understanding of global marketing strategies, including:

• Fundamental trends underlying convergence of world markets.

• Pitfalls and challenges of entering other countries.

• Ways to design global marketing strategies.

• The impact of organisation structure, management processes, culture, and people on global marketing strategy implementation.

• The important and unique role emerging markets play in global marketing strategies.

The module will help you achieve your career goals as you work – as virtually all of you will – in or with companies that are active in the international marketplace as well as domestic companies that face active international competitors.

Global Strategic Management

Programme Overview

In this module, you will conduct a strategic assessment of the overall global competitive environment and consider how an organization can leverage resources, capabilities, and preferential entry modes to create competitive advantages when entering a foreign market. As part of the final assessment of global strategy, you will take part either virtually or in-person in an international trip, visiting one to two foreign locations to experience local business culture. You will use theoretical knowledge to assess the strategy of an international organisation in an applied cultural context.

International Finance and Regulation

Programme Overview

Following the international financial crisis of 2007-2008, global businesses and governmental leaders have taken profound measures to change the structure of the financial markets and ensure such a crisis does not happen again. This is the activity of financial regulation, which is the attempt of authorities to control economic risks and the focus of this course in International Financial Regulation. Students will learn about the liberalisation of international financial markets, the development of international regulations in response to crises, and how the most recent watershed has shaped the current global economic environment. The course will equip students with an understanding of key elements in financial regulation, such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, as well as important historical events, including the Breton Wood Conference of 1944 and the Herstatt Bank failure of 1974. Students will explore the benefits and challenges of liberalisation related to saving and investments, market forces on government action, and the creation of derivative instruments aimed at managing risk, among other relevant topics.

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