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MBA Specialism in Public Administration

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About the programme

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Programme Modules

Foundations of Public Administration

Programme Overview

This is the introductory course to the field of public administration. It examines the major intellectual and constitutional foundations of American government and public administration as well as current trends. The course includes theoretical and practical aspects of key governmental processes, the historical development of the field, contributions of social science to understanding organisations, and ethical issues in contemporary government activities.

Non-Profit Management

Programme Overview

Non-profit organisations play a critical role in society. As such, non-profit organisations and their leadership and management face unique mandates, demands and challenges. This course will provide an overview of the unique environment, characteristics and challenges of non-profit organisations and their management. Discussed will be the purpose of non-profit organisations and their management as they strive to serve the mission of the organisation and establish and maintain their place in society. 

This course will also include a discussion of the historical basis, foundations and fundamentals of non-profit organisations and their leadership. Addressed will be how to best manage, govern, and adapt to an ever-changing environment. Included will be a discussion of the legal and ethical environment which surrounds non-profit Boards and managers, how to develop financial resources and management, marketing and communication techniques, and the role of the governing board in the non-profit organisation.

Understanding Public Policy

Programme Overview

You will learn the importance between public administration and the formulation of public policy. It encompasses political and organisational perspectives as they relate in the policymaking process, including strategic mapping, policy leadership skills, and negotiation.

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