MBA Specialism in Supply Chain Management


MBA Specialism in Supply Chain Management

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About the programme

The MBA Specialisation in Supply Chain Management will help to enhance your knowledge and ability in the areas of supply chain processes and structures as well as effective supply chain management. Through a series of three modules, you will learn how to examine supply chain planning, procurement processes, operations, inventory and transportation management, and technology solutions. You will also learn how todesign and manage effective logistics and supply chain systems from sourcing raw materials and ensuring ethical manufacturing processes to point of consumption. 

Whether you are seeking a career as a supply chain manager, logistics and distribution manager, or operations manager, the Mini-MBA in supply chain management will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to advance into and succeed in a wide range of organisations, including government agencies, consultancy firms, manufacturing, retail and transport companies. 

Programme Modules

Supply Chain Logistics

Programme Overview

In this module you will explore how Supply Chain Logistics coordinates the movement and storage of goods throughout the supply chain. The module covers concepts that are part of the greater supply chain management system. Topics include supply chain logistics, warehouse management, transportation management, inventory management, and computerised systems used for managing the supply chain.

Supply Chain Management

Programme Overview

You will explore how Supply Chain Management manages the supply chain through the various processes and organisational structures. The course covers concepts that include the greater supply chain management system. Topics include Purchasing, Operations, Customer Relations, and Logistics.

Operations and Procurement

Programme Overview

Operations and Procurement are some of the key activities within a Supply Chain that allow an organisation to deliver goods and services that meet customer demand. Through the lessons, assessments, and learning assignments, students will examine the processes that enable these key Supply Chain activities. Topics covered will include Supply Chain planning, procurement processes, manufacturing operations, operations within service organisations, and how quality impacts operations and the procurement processes. 

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MBA Specialism in Supply Chain Management

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