Operating Systems


Operating Systems

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Programme Overview

You will examine the overall core aspects of operating systems design and implementation. Key topics include developing knowledge of operating systems by reviewing different types of OS to understand system concepts (process and memory management, process coordination, device drivers, file systems, starvation/deadlock), functionalities of files system management (such as log-structured file systems, distributed file systems, memory-based file systems), user interface, programs and implementation approaches and steps. In addition, you will utilise case studies to understand design approaches on how operating system types (batch, time-sharing/multitask, distributed, network, mobile, Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Linux, etc.) may be used in a particular solution scenario and how they impact coding decisions.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Review the key operating system concepts and components of operating systems such as processes, threads, and shared memory.
  2. Describe various operating system types, usage, and how they are implemented based on the 
  3. various architectural designs.
  4. Analyse best practice approaches to installing an operating system, such as structural layout, file system management, load management, and other criteria.
  5. Utilise troubleshooting techniques for simple and complex computing designs to solve functionality and performance problems.
  6. Plan design strategies when designing a solution to function on various operating system platforms by considering how the end-user will access the application or software.

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