Organisational Change & Development


Organisational Change & Development

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Programme Overview

You will examine methods to improve organisational effectiveness. You will study organisational change, including the concept of planning change, the basic roles and styles of the change manager, and resistance to organisational change and how to overcome it. All aspects of dealing with the people aspects of organisational change from the perspective of a change leader or consultant are discussed in this course. Topics cover personal change, models and frameworks for change, methods for changing corporate culture and mindsets, approaches to strategy execution, and techniques for implementing new organisational designs and technologies.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyse the change management process and develop innovative solutions for change management.
  2. Compare and contrast change management models to initiate an organisational change effectively.
  3. Build a change management plan based on cultural, technological, organisational structure, and leadership factors.
  4. Implement change execution plan(s), taking into consideration the various roles of the change manager, management, and employees. 
  5. Evaluate the effectiveness of change and monitor the process to enable change success factors.

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