Programming Languages and Design


Programming Languages and Design

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Programme Overview

You will learn concepts of programming languages and design considerations to consider in implementing a solution. Key areas include learning about different types of programming languages, such as multiple programming paradigms, including functional and object-oriented programming like C++, Java, JavaScript, C#, and Python. You will gain foundational knowledge and concepts to incorporate the appropriate functionality, such as stack and heap, from a scalability and performance perspective when making software development design decisions for a solution. In addition, you will learn about software and application frameworks and various add-on components to ensure you are making a full design decision. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Review several software programming language functionalities and how each is used in a particular solution scenario or situation.
  2. Determine programming strategies and approaches when developing a new or existing software program or application. 
  3. Review various software and application development frameworks and how they are used in software development and application development for mobile and computer devices.
  4. Describe key strategies when implementing a program solution that meets performance expectations for overall usability. 
  5. Utilise problem-solving techniques and troubleshooting such as logging, debugging, unit tests, and other mechanisms.

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