Software Architecture


Software Architecture

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Programme Overview

You will learn different approaches to software architecture to design supportable environments. You will review tools and techniques used in designing and structuring both simple and complex software solutions. You will gain knowledge of different architectural styles such as object-oriented architecture, data-centric architecture, client/server architecture, and layered architecture. Furthermore, you will develop knowledge of how to evaluate software architecture impacts, technology stacks, software processes and business needs by evaluating implementation decisions made in various business scenarios. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Compare different approaches and examples of software architecture to understand its use.
  2. Describe how software architecture ensures overall communication through a common language to support business and team stakeholders such as developers, users, and testers to make effective design decisions. 
  3. Explain tools and techniques used to design both simple and complex software systems.
  4. Examine different software architectural styles, their usage, its purpose, and various ways they may be implemented. 
  5. Define how key software architecture designs and decisions can directly impact how the software will perform and grow to address technical problems over time. 

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