UX Design Fundamentals


UX Design Fundamentals

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Programme Overview

Developed in conjunction with Canva, this course is for professionals who want to develop their theoretical and practical expertise in UX design. The course builds upon the fundamentals of the UX design process before progressing into designing solutions and practical applications using design thinking processes in response to UX challenges in a business context. The curriculum is developed in consultation with experienced, senior design thinking leaders and UX professionals who regularly translate the outputs of the design thinking process into tangible products and user-centered business solutions. The course focuses on developing the knowledge and skills needed to successfully implement UX design practices while driving the highest business value-grounded UX design.

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand and apply the UX design process.

2. Implement a design thinking methodology.

3. Explore the alignment between UX design and strategic business value

4. Develop concepts into meaningful solutions and low to mid-fidelity artefacts.

5. Consider the future of work and its implications on UX design professionals.

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